Friday, July 13, 2007

Corroding/fading panels found in Auckland

Panel itself has a white oxidised coating almost all over. It was installed only a year ago.

Gary Moller comments:
This problem is a nationwide one that potentially affects thousands of unsusupecting householders.

Readers, I need your assistance:
This is an installation on a refurbished South Auckland Housing Corp property. Apparently, Housing NZ has invested heavily in these systems. Dave tells me this is typical of the ones he has seen on Housing Corp rooftops.

The photograph, while a little blurred, clearly shows a whitish panel surface that should be a dark grey-black. White is not a good colour for collecting solar energy!

This is a very significant photo because it shows that the near 100% corrosion rate that I have demonstrated is happening to solar water heating panels in Wellington is not a regional freak happening. I am awaiting information about whether the same pattern is showing in Australia.

These systems are being sold to the unsuspecting public on the promise that they are good for the environment and will save the householder money. They will do neither if they progressively lose function and are as good as junk by five years. We are contributing to global warming and creating a landfill problem by installing these sub-standard systems.

Readers, If you know of any solar water heating panels sitting on a roof nearby, please can you assist by arranging with the owner to take a look at the state of the panels. Please take digital photos and send them to me with a description of the system, including brand, age and location. If they are in perfect conditioin, I want to know because these are a rarity. What's the situation in other places like the US?

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