Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Solahart that is just one year old

Here is a Solahart system that is just one year old and doesn't it look really smart?

Look carefully through the heavily patternised glass and you can just see a lots of white patches dotted about the panel:

Here's another angle and another section of panel: No building consent

As you would gather, the owner (A family with two young children) was concerned that this could happen so quickly. To make matters worse; the installer had told him that a building consent was not required for the installation. The building inspector thought otherwise. This owner is now facing a costly and lengthy bureaucratic procedure to get retrospective approval.

Are there any systems that will reliably last 10+ years?

I cannot answer this. I found several brands; but some I could not get access to for various reasons (Mostly lack of safe access) and other installations were far too recent to be able to make any kind of judgement.

The Solar Industry and the Government need to certify which solar panels are of sufficient durability to provide at least 10-15 years of reliable service under New Zealand conditions.

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