Friday, July 13, 2007

Corroding solar water heating panels "A serious failure"

"Hi Gary,
I just discovered your web-site over the the weekend and decided to take a look at my solar panel.
Thanks for the publicity on the issue and advice!
Like many others I may have been oblivious to what I consider a serious failure."
Gary Moller comments:
If you know of people who have solar water heating panels installed please urge them to carry out their own inspection independent of who did the installation. Solar panels are the perfect product - out of sight - out of mind until well out of the warranty period.

Notes about these Wellington panels:

  • Installed about 16 months ago with a required payback period of over 10yrs
  • All of the panel is seriously faded or corroded
  • No building consent obtained by the installer
  • Cost of a building consent would have been about $50: Is now about $700 to get a Certificate of Acceptance
  • The same problems with rusty solar water heating panels exists in Australia

Refer here for more information about rusty solar panels.

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