Friday, July 13, 2007

Safety information - read this before you climb up on the roof!

Think safe then act!

Do not even think about going onto your roof until you have read the rest of this page about what to do. You must read all of this. Do not risk breaking your neck clambering up a ladder onto your roof. Get an experienced professional, like a builder or plumber to do the inspection for you. If the pitch of your roof is steep, then keep off it. Special equipment may be required to prevent slipping and falling to your death. Do not take any unnecessary risks.

If you are going up on the roof:

If you are still going to climb up on your roof to inspect your solar panels:

  • Ensure that your ladder is long enough for the job and is a good state of repair.
  • Keep the ladder at least several meters away from overhead powerlines.
  • Place the ladder on firm even ground and ensure there is no slippage.
  • Angle it approximately one meter out for every four meters up.
  • In the picture to the right, the ladder is securely tied at the base and partway up.
  • Ensure that the top of the ladder extends about one meter higher than the roof.
  • Only one person is on the ladder at a time - the one person holds the ladder secure while the other person is on the ladder.
  • Always face towards the ladder when ascending and descending
  • Always keep three points of contact on the ladder when climbing and descending.
  • Keep off the ladder and the roof if there is any more than a gentle breeze.
  • Do not go up if there has been rain or if there is dew settling.
  • Wear practical, non-slip footwear.
  • Stay well away from the edge of the roof.
  • Stay away from power cables.
  • Do not walk backwards when on the roof.
  • When you have finished what you went up there for - get down - carefully!

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