Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More about the Building Consent and Certificate of Acceptance for Solar Water Heating Installations

"Gary .....
Under the Building Act 1991 & 2004 Territorial Authorities and Councils are not and were not permitted to issue retrospective consents, in those days the work was classed as safe and sanitary (1991 Act)
Under the 2004 Act the same applies but no longer can Safe & Sanitary inspections be done, hence the introduction of The Certificate of Acceptance which is for Building work carried out without a building consent and is issued for the work that can be inspected and complies with the NZ building Code only and in no form is a Retrospective consent and never will be".
Gary Moller comments:
When reading the advice and information on this website, please bear this advice from Ron in mind. I will be progressively altering any terminology and details but this will take time.

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