Friday, July 13, 2007

Gary Moller's response to Janette Fitzsimons interview with Paul Henry

(Click on the image above to see the Closeup Video. You have to wait for the ad to run before viewing the programme.)

Here is my response to some of the things that Jeanette Fitzsimons said in her interview with Paul Henry:

It is time for politicians to stop playing politics, including stopping obfuscating the facts. It is time for leadership. It is time for solutions that are in the best interests of the consumer and the environment. The Branz reports here are ample evidence on their own that there are numerous warrantable issues, including the matter of discolouration of panel surfaces. These reports present a compelling case for some kind of product recall, probably dating back to 2003 when building consents became mandatory for most SWH installations.

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I am working on a new page for solar water heating systems that appear to be going the distance. This is to assist consumers with making good choices because the Government's guide, is of little real help when it comes to the crunch of making a really informed decision.

So, come back this way now and then and please tell people you know who are into solar to do the same. Thank you.

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