Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Find an Expert in Solar Water Heating Systems

If you require the services of a technical expert in the solar water heating sector that is able to give you independent advice about your solar water heating system, I am compiling a list of experts who may be able to help you. Bookmark this page so that you are alerted each time it is updated.

Independent Experts Urgently Needed!

If you are trained in areas like building, roofing, plumbing and engineering with an expertise in Solar Water Heating systems and able to provide impartial advice and guidance, please contact Gary Moller if you would like to have your contact details listed on this page. I need to know your name, qualifications, area of expertise, region and contact details. If you are selling or are an agent, or in the employ of a solar heating provider, please give us those details as well, thanks

  • Rob Koppers.
    Building Control Officer

    Work Email:
    Home Email:

    My Qualifications are as follows.

    Branz CITE Certificate in Building Compliance for IQP / BLP Branz CITE Certificate in Acess,Egress & Barriers.
    Branz CITE Certificate in Plumbing and Drainage.
    Branz CITE Certificate in Building Controls.
    Trade Certificate in Carpentry

    In brief I have been in the Building industry for 25 + years and have been a Building Control Officer for Three & 1/2 years.

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